Hello and Welcome!

We’re happy you’re here!

Head to the ‘Gram to follow the shenanigans in (almost) real time. Fun fact: Our profile picture is from an unplanned detour on our very first visit to southern Utah. We’ve stopped there again on almost every trip since.

​Peruse the blog for a compilation of trail talk, adventure dog gear, backpacking, road trips, and general mayhem.

Arizona-Based Explorers

Saguaros, lizards, dusty trails – we’ll take it all.

Every summer we road trip through the Midwest and West, occasionally basing out of Minnesota at the family farm. ​Other favorite states include: Idaho, South Dakota, New Mexico, and Utah.

We travel in a van professionally converted for full-time living. It was a long time coming and absolutely worth the wait (planning and saving).

More Dogs, More Adventures

Adventure dogs. Rescue dogs. All dogs. They make life better. And our designs are meant to reflect that. Pick out a tank or bring home a tote to show the world what your dog means to you: hiking, dogs & coffee, dog parent humor, vanlife, and more.

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